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Wine myths: don't believe everything you drink.

Interesting article in The Telegraph, about wine myths:

· Red wine at room temperature? It all depends what you consider to be room temperature. In today´s households room temperature is 20 or above. Wines prefer to be below 20 degrees.

· Wine does not travel?  Why the same wine does’nt taste the same back at home? Context, mood, environment is very important when tasting wine and it is measured more by pleasure than taste.

· Port and cheese, pair well? Yes, if the cheese is cheddar or Stilton, but most of the best cheeses pair better with white wines. It is a safer bet.

· Half Price wines a bargain? It all depends who and where the full-price was published. Most of the times it is just a marketing tool.

· Need to open a bottle of wine some time before serving? Simply pulling the cork and letting the bottle sit for a while does not do much. It is preferable to decant the wine in a decanter of a jug. It really makes a difference with young red wines.