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Wine Trends for 2016 by Uncorkd

Millennials are opening doors to explore the unfamiliar, which is great for non-traditional wines and regions. Unknown regions in well-known producing countries should be on the rise, together with new up-and-coming producing countries and regions.

In the meantime Spanish wine continues to grow. Good quality and affordable prices invite new consumers to the category but there is still a lack of marketing, so there is a lot to be done.  Spanish cuisine also plays a big role to help position its wines.

Wine technology should spread the by-the-glass programs around the globe, which is good news for wine lovers. It would be great to not be restricted by Cabernets or Sauvignon Blancs and start seeing more Gamays, Tempranillos or Mencias.

Regional focused wine lists. Niche products will be playing a big role. Look for region specific cuisine and its wines, which is great news for old world wines and not so well known wine regions.